France gears up security measures ahead of upcoming opening ceremony for Paris Olympics
France is increasing security measures in preparation for the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics next month. Military helicopters will be patrolling the city and protecting airspace on the day of the ambitious July 26 ceremony – which is proving to be a serious security challenge.  On the day of the event, around 200 Olympic delegations will join the parade on more than 80 boats. They will make the journey on a six-kilometer route, which has become a major talking point not only for its unique status as an open-air event, but for its exposure to potential danger.  Parisien police chief Laurent Nunez said the route will be inside a high-security zone described as an “anti-terrorism perimeter” which will include the first row of buildings along the route.  Anyone who wants to enter the zone in the days leading up to the ceremony and on the day itself will need to pre-register online and be subjected to a background check, Nunez said.  Tourists will not be given free access to watch the opening ceremony because of security concerns, the French government decided.  In April, security concerns had previously led French President Emmanuel Macron to say the ceremony could shift to the Stade de France if the threat level was too high. However, no alternatives are being prepared at this stage.